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  • "This is FANTASTIC. Tony was incredible.  Very knowledgeable about the body, confident in his approach and even gave my boyfriend some stretches for his problem areas."

    Allysa from Austin

    Allysa from Austin, TX

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    "The massage was excellent. I thought Angel was great. He was courteous, his technique was awesome and the music he played during the session was beautiful. Overall I was very satisfied and loved how quickly and easily I was able to get a massage."

    Joe from Austin

    Joe from Austin, TX

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    Meet Two of Our Certified Massage Therapists

    Extensive background checks, board reviews and peer reviews ensure only the best.

    Tony C

    Tony C - Therapist

    Tony is a customer favorite who enjoys giving deep tissue and sports massages.

    "Tony was incredible and very knowledgeable about the body, confident in his approach."

    Liz S

    Liz S - Therapist

    Liz graduated from the Lauterstein Conway Massage School in Austin and has worked at local spas.

    "I love being a massage therapist because I can help others let go of stress and become more aware of their body and mind to lead a healthier, happier life."

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